St. Simons Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why accidents involving motorcycles tend to yield such severe injuries and these include the limited visibility, comparative instability of these vehicles, and the lack protective enclosure for riders. Statistics from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety show that in 2015, Georgia witnessed 138 motorcyclist fatalities.

Sharing the road with trucks, passenger cars, and buses can and regularly does end in tragic injuries and worse. If you are suffering from physical pain, trauma, and financial losses sustained in an accident of this sort, an St. Simons Island motorcycle accident lawyer is prepared to fight on your behalf. A compassionate and capable personal injury attorney could work tirelessly in pursuit of a positive outcome for you.

What Causes Motorcycle Wrecks?

Not unlike accidents between passenger cars, those involving motorcycles can evolve in a seemingly endless number of ways. However, certain fact patterns tend to emerge more often than others.

Careless driving by other motorists that forces motorcyclists off the road or into oncoming traffic can produce especially tragic outcomes. Defective equipment, improperly maintained roads, and distracted driving can also lead to devastating harm and actionable motorcycle accident claims on the part of victims.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

The absence of substantial protection for motorcyclists and the tremendous physical forces at work at the time of impact combine to create profound injuries. Riders who manage to survive events of this type almost always have a long, uncertain path to recovery that includes long-term disability, intense pain, and difficult physical rehabilitation. Some of the most typical categories of motorcycle crash injuries are:

  • Bone fractures
  • Deep skin abrasions and resulting infections
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Muscle damage
  • Crush injuries to legs and/or feet
  • Disfigurement

Recoverable Compensation in Motorcycle Accidents

Given the often life-altering effects of motorcycle accidents on entire families, it should come as no surprise that many victims wish to learn more about their legal options soon after such an event takes place. Those impacted by the negligence of another party must keep in mind that the legal system provides them with an opportunity to seek fair compensation for a range of losses including medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost pay, physical suffering, and emotional distress.

When a motorcycle crash proves deadly, surviving family members can recover compensation designed to replace the monetary resources, personal support, and close relationships that were so suddenly taken from them. However, anyone considering legal action should note that time is limited to do so. An St. Simons motorcycle accident lawyer could help an individual file their claim within the statute of limitations.

How an St. Simons Island Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

It is difficult to dispute the exhilarating rush or the feeling of sheer freedom felt by motorcycle enthusiasts. While the joy of hitting the open road is hard to deny, it is important to note that doing so on a motorcycle carries with it substantial risks.

There can be little doubt about the debilitating aftermath of a motorcycle crash and the upheaval such events can create. If you are among the unfortunate riders who suffered this type of incident, an St. Simons Island motorcycle accident lawyer is willing to do the heavy lifting and seek the compensation to which you are entitled.