$3,335,000 Settlement – Motor Vehicle Collision Involving Drunk Driver And Dram Shop Claim

A young man was struck by a drunk driver in Cobb County, Georgia. The young man, who was on his way to work at the time of the collision, sustained serious orthopedic injuries, including fractures to both legs and his right arm. Shiver Hamilton immediately launched a thorough and detailed investigation which revealed that the driver who caused the crash had just left a local bar where he had been drinking and watching an NFL football game with friends. Shiver Hamilton filed claims on its client’s behalf against various automobile insurance carriers and filed a dram shop claim against the bar that had over-served the drunk driver. After tracking down witnesses and relentlessly pursuing all evidence and insurance coverage, Shiver Hamilton was ultimately able to recover over $3 million for our client. With the cooperation of the client’s family and financial advisors, most of the money was put in a trust to take care of this young man’s financial and medical needs for years to come.