We are experienced Georgia truck accident attorneys who will prepare your case for trial just like you were our own son or daughter. At a time of tragic loss, you don’t want to think about medical bills and insurance companies. Let us be your tenacious advocates.

Shiver Hamilton has developed trucking accident expertise handling tractor-trailer and commercial vehicle cases. Tractor-trailers can be extremely dangerous and cause countless injuries and deaths on our roads every year. These vehicles are more difficult to maneuver than cars and can weigh upward of 80,000 pounds, inflicting horrible damage and injury when they are driven carelessly.

Truck Accident Verdicts and Settlements

Atlanta Trucking Accident Attorneys

Handling a tractor-trailer case is not the same as handling a car accident case.  Tractor-trailer trucks, motor carriers, and their drivers are subject to a wide range of government rules and regulations.  Proper investigation routinely involves consulting with regulatory experts and engineers or law enforcement professionals who specialize in forensic investigation and reconstruction of crashes.  It is critically important that any lawyer handling a tractor-trailer case is familiar with the technical regulations and expertise relevant to these cases.  But that is not enough.  The trucking accident attorney must also treat the case with urgency: taking immediate steps to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and document the accident scene.

We have the skills and dedication to maximize the client’s outcome in these cases.  Our efforts have resulted in major victories for our clients through obtaining evidence of wrongdoing by trucking companies and drivers that many lawyers might have missed altogether.  Many lawyers advertise for and hold themselves out as trucking attorneys.  Results and experience help the potential client distinguish between a true trucking accident attorney and inexperienced attorneys. Georgia offices in Atlanta, Savannah, & St. Simons Island.