Can I Sue my Landlord if I Was Robbed on the Property?

No one ever wants to think that someone could break into their apartment unit and rob them. Or that they could be approached by a criminal and robbed while they were simply crossing the parking lot of their building trying to get into their home. Unfortunately, it happens all too often. While victims may initially . . .

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What are Tenants’ Security Rights?

Tenants have certain responsibilities when renting a home or apartment from a landlord or property management company, such as paying their rent on time. However, they also have certain rights. One of the most important rights they have is knowing they will be kept safe and secure while in the home or on the property. . . .

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Can I Sue My Landlord if I Was Hurt in a Shooting on the Property?

Unfortunately, homes are not always safe, particularly when the residents do not have total control over who is on the property, such as in apartment buildings. Sometimes the worst happens, physical attacks can occur and someone can get shot, even when they did not have anything to do with an altercation or the person that . . .

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Common Examples of Negligent Security

People have the right to be kept safe whenever they are traveling, running errands, or otherwise going about their day. Whether they are in their own apartment building, at their place of work, going out for an evening of cocktails, or staying at a hotel, this right is not changed or diminished. Likewise, property owners . . .

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Five Security/Safety Questions to Ask When Apartment Searching

In Georgia, property owners are expected to keep their premises safe at all times for anyone that lawfully enters. For those who own apartment buildings, this includes ensuring that the residents are safe from attacks to their person or to their property. When apartment building property owners have failed to keep their residents or their . . .

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