COVID-19 Office Update

As the Coronavirus continues to be a nationwide concern, our team at Shiver Hamilton has implemented steps to allow us to remain open and continue to operate during this time. We have taken precautionary measures to help protect the health and safety of our community.

Working from Home

With the Coronavirus becoming increasingly prevalent, we have ensured that our team can easily transition to working from home. Our secure database is accessible online, giving us access to all the information and documents we may need at any time. With all calendars, information, and documents in our online database, our team of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants can work just as effectively from home while remaining well organized.

Phone and Video Conferencing

While our team typically meets with clients in-person, we also have the options to provide phone and video conferencing. If meeting in-person is not practical, phone and video conferencing allow our team to discuss important issues and answer any questions that may arise from the client, regardless of where they may be located.

Video Depositions and Mediations

Depositions are often needed in cases and can be critical during trials. If a deposition needs to be rescheduled or pushed back, it can delay the whole trial and make the process longer than necessary. To help our clients combat this issue, we offer convenient video depositions to reduce delays and quicken the process.

Additionally, we offer video mediations in hopes of reaching settlements that very day. This can be very beneficial and convenient for our clients so that delays in the trial can be avoided.

Available by Phone and 24/7 Chat System

Our offices at Shiver Hamilton will remain open during our normal business hours, and our team members will be available via telephone and our 24/7 chat system as usual. If our clients have any cases on the trial calendar, we will be in contact with them regarding any delays.

We have taken these precautionary measures in hopes of protecting the health and safety of our community during this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office.