Can I Sue My Landlord if I Was Injured in a Robbery on the Property?

  Shiver Hamilton handles injury-related claims against a landlord or property owner when someone is harmed as a result of a robbery. We do not take on missing items cases or those that do not involve injury.   No one ever wants to think that someone could break into their apartment unit and rob them. . . .

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Can I Sue My Landlord if I Was Hurt in a Shooting on the Property?

Unfortunately, homes are not always safe, particularly when the residents do not have total control over who is on the property, such as in apartment buildings. Sometimes the worst happens: a person might be shot and injured, even if they had nothing to do with the altercation or the person who shot the gun. When . . .

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Can an Attorney Help if I Was Assaulted/Sexually Assaulted at an Apartment Complex?

Being sexually assaulted, or otherwise physically assaulted, is one of the worst experiences a person could be forced to endure. What is a person to do after they have been assaulted at an apartment complex? Regardless of whether the assault happened within the unit, in a common area such as a lobby, or outside the . . .

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Security Responsibilities of a Landlord/Property Management Company

Landlords have a responsibility to their tenants to provide a safe environment and protect them from crime that could occur on the property. When conditions are not safe enough to protect tenants from foreseeable harm, they could be considered negligent and held liable for contributing to the unsafe premises. Unfortunately, the due care that landlords . . .

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Preventing Unsafe Premises: Technology to Enhance Security

Existing Technology to Enhance Security As discussed in our last blog on premises liability, landlords in Georgia have a duty to exercise ordinary care to protect tenants from foreseeable risks of criminal activity.  This can mean providing reasonable security measures such as appropriate lighting, security cameras, security guards, controlled access gates, and fencing, strike plates, reinforced . . .

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