Can an Attorney Help if I Was Assaulted/Sexually Assaulted at an Apartment Complex?

Being sexually assaulted, or otherwise physically assaulted, is one of the worst experiences a person could be forced to endure. What is a person to do after they have been assaulted at an apartment complex? Regardless of whether the assault happened within the unit, in a common area such as a lobby, or outside the . . .

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What are Tenants’ Security Rights?

Tenants have certain responsibilities when renting a home or apartment from a landlord or property management company, such as paying their rent on time. However, they also have certain rights. One of the most important rights they have is knowing they will be kept safe and secure while in the home or on the property. . . .

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Hit Pedestrian: Who Has the Right-of-Way?

Businesses and municipalities across the country are spending millions of dollars to construct more “walkable” city environments.  Research shows that people have a growing desire to live in communities with walkable access to work, shops, parks, and restaurants. In an age of ever-increasing distractions inside an automobile – from texting, to cell calls, to the . . .

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