Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Millions of people sustain brain injuries each year. In many cases, the injuries are relatively minor, with the skull preventing more serious damage from occurring. Unfortunately, though, according to the CDC an estimated half a million brain injuries annually require hospitalization, with severe and often long-term consequences stemming from the injury.

If you or someone you love suffered a traumatic brain injury(TBI), you may be entitled to compensation. When accidents are the result of another person’s recklessness or negligence, they can be responsible for the damage done. An Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer can work with victims to understand whether they have a viable case. Call a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney today to schedule a consultation.

The Commonness of Head Trauma

Head trauma is relatively common. In fact, most people will experience some minor form of brain injury at least once in their lifetime. Individuals involved in car accidents are at a great risk of sustaining such injuries. Even a minor car wreck can cause a passenger’s head and neck to jostle violently.

When this occurs, the brain can slam into the skull and suffer damage in what is known as closed head injury. These injuries are incredibly dangerous, as there is often no outward indicator that a person suffered any injury.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Slips and falls are also frequently to blame for brain injuries. A wet floor, a patch of icy sidewalk, or an uneven carpet can send a person flying downwards. More than just embarrassing, such accidents often result in serious head trauma. These kinds of falls can also lead to closed head injuries.

What is most scary about head injuries is that they can occur virtually anywhere. Accidents at work, on the athletic field, or in the home can result in lifelong disabilities.

Legal Options for Victims

When a person’s reckless, negligent behavior results in another person’s injuries, the victim has the right to pursue legal action. With the help of an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer, an individual can seek compensation from the person who caused their accident. Not every brain injury patient is the victim of such accidents, but those who can trace their accident back to the dangerous decisions of another may have a viable case.

Settlements for Brain Injuries

People with brain injuries often require expensive medical treatment and time off work to recover from their accident. A settlement can help reimburse individuals for the financial damages they sustain because of their injuries. In some cases, individuals suffer severe enough brain injuries that they can no longer perform their duties at work. The loss of their earning capacity can also be included in a settlement.

Non-Economic Damages for TBIs

The non-economic damages sustained in an accident resulting in brain injuries can also be factored into a lawsuit. The pain and suffering endured by the individual cannot be undone by monetary compensation, but it can help. In many cases, individuals suffer emotional damage after experiencing a traumatic accident. Compensation can allow a person with brain injuries to receive the therapy they need to process their trauma. An Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer could work tirelessly in pursuit of compensation.

Letting an Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Help

Traumatic brain injuries can cause a lifetime of trouble. Though they can be difficult to notice at first, they can require extensive medical treatment and time off work. When these injuries are the result of another person’s negligence, victims have options.

With so much at stake, there is no time to waste. Place a call to an Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you understand your options and create a plan to move forward.