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If you suffered an injury in a car accident, you may have questions about your legal rights and whether you are entitled to compensation to cover the expenses resulting from the accident. Whether you were as a passenger, pedestrian or driver of another vehicle, an automobile accident may cause long-term consequences.

There may be medical bills, time away from work, and costs related to long-lasting injuries. If the negligent actions of another caused the accident, you may be able to work with a passionate personal injury attorney to obtain compensation for these costs.

But it is important to understand your legal rights before making any statements that could compromise your claim. So, it may be advisable to speak to an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer before proceeding. En Español.

Statute of Limitations in Atlanta Car Accident Cases

After suffering an injury, it is important to focus on recovery. However, it can be difficult to move forward when there are concerns about medical bills, lost income, and questions from insurance companies.

Georgia law limits the amount of time in which someone may file a lawsuit to seek compensation from a negligent driver. Typically, victims have two years from the date of their accident to file a claim for an injury.

Compensation May Be Available to Cover Costs

Those suffering injuries from a car accident may recover monetary awards referred to in legal terms as damages. These damages can provide compensation for economic harm as well as intangible harm.

Examples of economic damages include amounts to cover past and future medical bills, lost wages, reduced future earning capacity, damage to property, and the cost of accommodations needed to deal with the aftermath of the injury.

Examples of damages that may be available to compensate for the intangible losses include money for pain and suffering, loss of companionship, emotional distress, or loss of enjoyment of life. A car accident attorney in Atlanta could assist in determining which damages might apply.

Why Proving Negligence is Important

To obtain damages, a person must be able to prove that the negligence of another caused the accident. Insurance companies may investigate to determine whether their customers are at fault, but it is wise for drivers seeking compensation to have an Atlanta auto accident attorney conduct their own thorough investigations.

Anyone filing a claim must collect and preserve any evidence concerning any potential finding of negligence as soon as possible. It is important to locate witnesses and review their statements, obtain and analyze police reports and photographs, and study medical reports as part of building a solid claim. After an accident, a person also should seek a thorough medical examination to ensure they can document all injuries from the accident.

A driver could be negligent for any number of reasons. Some of the more common include:

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The aftermath of an accident may be stressful. You may be left with questions about how you are going to cover the costs of damage to your car and medical treatment. However, if your car accident was the result of another’s negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses.

When you work with an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer, an attorney could immediately help to preserve vital evidence. In addition, a lawyer may be able to advise you of your legal rights, advocate on your behalf in negotiations with insurance companies and in any court proceedings, and fight to help you obtain the full amount of all compensation you deserve.

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