What to Know About Bicycle Accidents in Atlanta

While every bike accident and subsequent civil case is unique, there are several commonalities between different incidents that can be helpful for bicyclists to be aware of. By knowing some of the common factors involved in Atlanta bicycle accidents, you may be better equipped to prevent crashes from occurring, or take effective legal action if one does occur. An experienced bike accident attorney could provide professional and customized assistance in either situation.

The Inherent Dangers of Bicycle Riding

The low visibility and audibility are what make bicycles potentially dangerous to the rider. Visually, it is often hard for motor vehicle operators to see a bicycle at night, especially if it does not have the proper reflective material installed, or if the bike rider is not wearing any reflective gear. Further, it is often difficult for drivers to detect bicycles because they make very little noise, especially compared to similarly-sized vehicles like motorcycles.

In the state of Georgia, bicyclists are allowed to operate on roads. Any time there is a person riding a bicycle on the road with motor vehicles nearby, especially if those vehicles are not keeping the same pace as the bike, there is potential for a dangerous accident. This applies to both daytime and nighttime hours.

Common Types of Bike Accidents

Perhaps the most common type of bicycle accident in Atlanta is when a person operating a bicycle is struck by a motor vehicle. There are several types of cases that may come out of this. Usually, bike crash cases are based purely on the negligence of the person operating the motor vehicle that struck and injured the cyclist filing suit.

Many other cases that may come out of a bicycle incident are considered product liability matters. For example, if someone’s helmet, chain, or wheels are defective, there may be grounds for a product liability case if that equipment was the direct cause of someone’s injury.

Common Injuries Resulting from Bicycle Wrecks

Some common injuries that result from bicycle accidents include concussions, broken bones, and paraplegia. Since bicyclists do not have the protection that someone operating a car would be afforded, the injuries they suffer in a wreck are often very severe, and in some cases fatal.

The typical injuries that result from motorcycle accidents differ from bicycle accidents because the protective gear requirements for motorcycle riders under Georgia state law are different than those applicable to bicyclists. For instance, if a person in Atlanta is over the age of 16, state statutes do not require them to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle.

However, if they are operating a motorcycle, there are different face shield and helmet requirements required by statute. As a result, there are more protections afforded to motorcyclists from injuries like road rash, burns, scrapes, and falls compared to bicyclists because they are not required by law to wear all the protective gear that someone operating a motorcycle is.

Knowing More About Atlanta Bicycle Accidents Can Help Prevent Them

There is no foolproof way to ensure that you never get into an accident while riding your bike in Atlanta, but there are plenty of things you can learn about and stay aware of to minimize your risk of injury. If you do happen to get injured because of someone else’s negligence, legal counsel is available to help you take appropriate action to recover for your losses. Call a bike accident lawyer today to learn more about bicycle accidents and cases in Atlanta.