What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Atlanta

Knowing what to do after a bicycle accident is not something that comes naturally to everyone in Atlanta. The immediate aftermath of a serious wreck can be stressful and chaotic, and a victim cannot necessarily trust that every party they interact with afterwards will have their best interests at heart.

Unrepresented bike accident victims may not realize that an insurance company’s interests do not align with their own, and they may not get the full compensation they need for the degree of injuries they suffered. With that in mind, it is important to seek help from a bike crash attorney who knows how to handle those legal aspects of the case, including how to try the case in court, if necessary.

Actions to Take Immediately After a Crash

The first thing someone should do after a serious bicycle accident in Atlanta is call 911 and request assistance from a police officer. If there are injuries, they also need to ensure that EMS is called and that those injuries are taken care of immediately. After that, it is important for someone involved in a bicycle crash to notify the insurance company of the accident so that a claim can be set up and evaluated.

The evidence at the scene of a bike wreck should be preserved immediately following the incident, especially the bike itself, any components that came detached from the bike, and any equipment the biker was wearing while they were riding. This includes protective clothing, guards on elbows and knees, and any helmet that was worn when operating the bicycle.

The other crucial part of evidence collection is contacting any witnesses who saw the incident. If the incident happened near a commercial business, such as a gas station or restaurant, there may be video surveillance to obtain as well. If so, it is critical that this is preserved.

When to Contact Legal Counsel

A person involved in an Atlanta bicycle accident should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer would know how to work the case, preserve important evidence, and make sure that the injured party does not experience any prejudicial treatment from insurance companies, medical providers, or law enforcement authorities.

No matter the circumstances, an accident victim should not try to handle an ensuing bicycle accident case themselves. They may know neither the laws of riding a bicycle nor all the issues that pertain to negligence, liability, or medical cause of their injuries. Having a legal expert’s help in handling those aspects of the case—including the tasks of fact-finding, interviewing witnesses, and responding to officers—is a compelling reason to hire an Atlanta lawyer rather than pursue a civil case alone.

A Legal Professional Could Clarify What to Do After an Atlanta Bike Crash

A skilled attorney could help anyone who has been involved in a bicycle accident in Atlanta pursue their right to recover full compensation. Experienced lawyers who have tried bicycle cases understand the issues that can make or break the case, and they are better-equipped to discern intentions of insurance companies than injured plaintiffs.

Without an Atlanta bicycle attorney by your side, an insurance company may try to take advantage of your situation or seek to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Do not put yourself at unnecessary risk—call today to speak with a bicycle accident lawyer about what to do with your case.