How a Lawyer Could Help after a Bicycle Accident in Atlanta

If you are dealing with injuries after being involved in a serious bike crash, talking to an attorney may be crucial to securing your right to compensation. However, depending on the severity of your injuries and subsequent financial and personal losses, failing to consult with legal counsel may turn out to be an expensive and life-altering mistake.

There are a variety of ways a lawyer could help after a bicycle accident in Atlanta, from gathering evidence to ensuring compliance with important legal deadlines. An initial consultation could help you understand more about how an attorney could help put you on the right path toward recovering compensation from responsible parties.

Identifying and Demonstrating Negligence

One of the most important ways a lawyer could help somebody involved in a biking crash in Atlanta is by helping them determine whether they have a viable negligence case against the at-fault party or parties. If someone is seriously injured in a bicycle accident, qualified legal counsel could play an important role in measuring the scope and severity of their injuries, identifying who might be liable for causing them, and determining exactly how that person or entity acted or failed to act in a way that directly resulted in the plaintiff’s harm.

It is important to connect with a lawyer as soon as possible after a biking accident occurs in Atlanta to make that assessment. Time is of the essence when it comes to ensuring that necessary evidence and equipment is preserved, as well as understanding what insurance may be available to help address an accident victim’s injuries and damages.

Managing Insurance Claims

While state law does not specifically require cyclists to get accident insurance, there are minimum liability limit requirements for vehicle insurance coverage in Georgia that may also apply to bicycle wrecks. Bicycles may also be covered under some homeowner’s insurance and rental insurance policies.

If a bicycle serves as a person’s primary method of transportation in Atlanta and they have gotten insurance, they could face an increase in premiums if they are found at fault for an accident. That is one of many reasons why it is important to have an Atlanta lawyer evaluate a case in the context of what insurance coverages apply in the aftermath of a bike crash.

Handling the Unique Aspects of Bike Crash Cases

An attorney might deal with a biking accident case in Atlanta differently than they would other cases, mostly with respect to statutory guidelines for bicycle operation compared to other vehicles. For example, there is a significant amount of overlap in state law regarding regulations for bicycles and motorcycles—the same motor vehicle laws and rules of the road apply equally, and they are both considered vehicles.

An experienced trial lawyer could assist with fact-finding, interviewing witnesses and responding officers, providing an evaluation of injuries, gathering information about necessary medical treatment, learning what treatment may be required in the future, and calculating any wage loss that someone may have suffered after an Atlanta bike crash. In these ways, lawyers who have experience with litigating bicycle accident cases could help an injured cyclist get maximum coverage for their injuries.

Seeking an Attorney’s Help with an Atlanta Bike Accident Claim

Regardless of the speed at which they occur, a bicycle crash can lead to serious physical trauma that is very expensive to treat. Additionally, time spent out of work, bicycle repair costs, and various non-economic forms of harm can wreak havoc on the life of an accident victim.

If you fell victim to someone else’s negligent conduct while riding your bike in Atlanta, there is a lot a skilled attorney could do to help. Call today to learn more about how a lawyer could help after a bicycle accident in Atlanta.